Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ride #7: The Presidio, Golden Gate Bridge, and Sausalito

Ride #7: The Presidio, Golden Gate Bridge, and Sausalito - Anthony, Sherwin, Oz

Manimal here with a report for Ride #7. Since Sherwin had never biked across the Golden Gate Bridge, we decided to do a repeat of the second CATS ride. Three minutes into the trip, Sherwin was already having technical difficulties with his brand, new bike. While changing gears, the chain came loose and doubled on itself. But thanks to Oz's magical fingers, Sherwin's bike was up and running again in a few minutes.

Like last time, the ride across the Golden Gate Bridge was pretty spectacular, and we were lucky to have sunny weather. After getting to the other side of the bridge, we felt adventurous and decided to bike to Sausalito. Going down hill was really fun, but the ride back up was BRUTAL. Since I had only 7 gears (versus 24 gears on Sherwin and Oz's bikes), my thighs were burning, and I was completely out of breath.

While in Sausalito, we rewarded ourselves with some Lappert's Ice Cream. I got Banana, Caramel, Chocolate Chip. Sherwin got Blueberry Brownie, and Oz got Guava Cheesecake!! Mmmm-MMMMMM!!

Before biking back to San Francisco, Oz was so exhausted that he put on his bike helmet on backwards!

Unfortunately, without our statistics specialist, Debbie, we had no idea how many miles we biked or our top speed. Time for me to get a nerd-o-meter too!


  1. Ha ha rad! Perhaps I am glad that I did not partake on this brutal ride!

  2. i think all rides need to have some end-of-the-ride dessert!


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