Thursday, September 10, 2009

Past Rides

Cougar here! I'll probably be posting some highlight pics from past rides, but I just wanted to list the rides that CATS has done so far:

Ride #1: March 2009, Golden Gate Park - Anthony, Debbie, Kevin, Mikey, Tissue (and ALMOST Eidelyn)
Highlights: Debut ride! Lynx almost made it, but ran a little late and couldn't catch up with the gang. We'll consider her a half-member for now, but we're still waiting for her to join officially!

Ride #2: April 2009, Presidio and Golden Gate Bridge - Anthony, Debbie, Kevin
Highlights: Beautiful ride. Personally, it was one that I was afraid of, but definitely a nice way to see parts of the Presidio and GG Bridge I've never seen.

Ride #3: April 19, 2009, Redwood Shores - Anthony, Debbie, Jeremy, Michael E.
Highlights: Coctopus and Crookshanks officially join the gang! Cooling it down with a Jamba Juice on a hot hot day.

Ride #4: August 2009, Golden Gate Park and Great Highway - Anthony, Kevin
Highlights: I'm not sure because I wasn't there!

Ride #5: September 6, 2009, Golden Gate Park and Great Highway - Anthony, Debbie, Oz, Sherwin
Highlights: Dr. Sex Panther and Pum-raa officially join the gang! Car free Great Highway was fun. Detour at Polly Ann's for some ice cream.
Lowlights: I eat some pavement when a toddler swerves into my bike. Luckily the kid was ok! I also realize that I am way outta shape and I need to get back so that I can keep up with the rest of CATS!

So far, 9 members have ridden with us, but we're still waiting for more to officially join!

Ride #6 comin' up next...Angel Island, here we come!

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  1. Just to fill in the gaps:

    #1 was March 22, 2009
    #2 was April 5, 2009 and my favorite ride so far
    #4 was August 9, 2009

    The highlight for #4 was listening to all the 80's music on Kevin's iPod after the ride!


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