Monday, November 2, 2009

Ride #9: Lake Merced

Ride #9: Lake Merced - Anthony, Debbie

This week's ride was a short one...and a small at that! Only Manimal and I made it out this time. CATS numbers are dwindling! Gaahh...

That's ok, Manimal and I made the best of it. Started out at the Doggie Diner sign near the SF Zoo.

We rode around Lake Merced. Neither of us had seen this area of the city, so that was nice. One of the great perks of riding in C.A.T.S.!! *hint hint* you other CATS members have to ride with us more! Sheesh.

Anthony on a log! Ok ok, it's technically not a log, but it's more fun to say than "tree stump."

We ended the short ride at Ocean Beach...the weather was nice and people were out!


  1. Why'd you have to eat those milk and cookies, Kev? I thought you had an iron stomach! Next time.

  2. I drank more milk than I was supposed to the night before. My stomach failed me. Or maybe I failed it... but next time indeed!


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