Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ride #6: Sawyer Camp Trail and Redwood City/Foster City

Ride #6: Sawyer Camp Trail & Redwood City to Foster City - Anthony, Debbie, Sherwin

So we had a change in plans for Ride #6. It was originally going to be a trip to Angel Island, but since some members couldn't make it, the rest of us switched it to the beautiful Sawyer Camp Trail. The ride was fairly easy for most of the way. The nice scenery helped to distract from any fatigue! But after about 4.5 miles, the path started going uphill. And once you finished one little hill, another one was around the corner.

Here we are near the top. This is Sherwin exhausted after riding to the top without using any gears. This was BEFORE he realized that the gears actually worked. He was grumbling when he found that out!

Anthony and Sherwin on a log.

Anthony and Sherwin sleepin' on a log.

After the initial 6 miles, it was smooth sailing coming down the hill to get back to the beginning of the trail head. It was a nice reward for all that riding up the hill...or walking up the hills in my case.

Later we went on another 10 mile ride from Redwood City to Foster City. The reward for the guys was a jackfruit smoothie. Sherwin was happy as a clam after drinking one. I'll have to try one of those next time!


  1. aw, it looks like a grueling ride!

    where did they get that jackfruit smoothie?

  2. It's from Pho Saigon, which is in a little outdoor strip mall in Foster City. I knew I wouldn't be able to finish it quickly, so I didn't get one myself.

    P.s. It wasn't grueling at all for most of the ride. Just spots of dumb hills every once in a while!


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